If you’re looking for something warm, fuzzy and sugar-coated about Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, look elsewhere.

Under the civic boosterism, the “world class” branding, the golden glow West Coast condo yoga lifestyle is a bedrock reality of grey skies and wet feet, corruption and crime, greed and desperation. The gap between the image and the reality is bridged by the scam, the grifter’s distracting flourish that leaves you short a wallet.

Still here? Welcome to Scamcouver.

Meet the Scamcouverites:

For better or worse editor & contributor Zbigniew Cylbulski, aka “Zbigniew Cylbulski”, was born, raised and lives in Vancouver.

Contributor and sidekick DJKlueless claims to be a clueless emigre; his fighting style cannot be beat.

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